Cohesive Randomness - OnGoing

Can we truly escape reality and construct our own sanctuary when the world around us becomes overwhelming and challenging? As we find ourselves confronted by difficult choices and paths that seem to resist change, we may be tempted to seek shortcuts, which could hinder our progress rather than propel us forward.

Does a mere piece of fabric define our sense of belonging? Our souls may struggle to embrace independence, yearning instead for connection and reliance on a larger network of relationships to validate our existence. In the absence of such connections, we may feel as if we cease to matter.

Do we create solely to impress others? Blindly follow until we stumble? Obey until our sense of self is lost? If the universe is indeed predetermined, do we truly have the freedom to choose? As we strive to justify our actions, can we not simply be conduits for emotions and expressions, giving them tangible form and substance?


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