We change with time, we change with surroundings and spaces that we are filling, our soul and aura develops, like Molting (to shed hair, feathers, shell, horns, or an outer layer periodically) *from Merriam Webster dictionary.

I left Saudi Arabia to Somaliland/Somalia when I was 16 years, I was coping and learning adjusting with the new surroundings and social norms with a place I felt I belong to ethnically only. I had to shed layers to find my core of understanding and self thoughts and progression.

At that time Saudi it self was changing, thorns, feathers, boundaries were thrown. When I came back we were both estranged, it was a like meeting someone for the first time, with all the awkwardness you get with introducing yourself, found myself forced to retrace memories and longing, spaces and things to connect and understand this new place.
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