I Feel Strong and Free’: Running Takes Hold Among Women in Somaliland

In a traditional, conservative society, more female athletes are participating in an annual running event, a sign life may be changing here for women. 

Text by Abdi Latif Dahir

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The Somaliland marathon was born two years ago. The event, and a related 10-kilometer race, is attracting increasing numbers of women.
Warda training female gym attendees, few gym places in Somaliland have women attendees, Warda is a physiotherapist and works at Ya'niile Gym as a fitness coach between 8am-4pm (which is hours for females only). Mustafa Saeed for The New York Times
View from the food market in Hargeisa. Mustafa Saeed for The New York Times
Hanna and Hamda training with their running coach Abdirashid, Hanna won the first place of 10km race of the Somaliland marathon two years in a row; Abdirashid coaches mostly male runners and most of the runner he coaches either won or being in top places
Students learning photo and video editing software in Hargabits at Harhub, Hargabits is by SHAQADON is a local NGO that creates solutions for youth employment challenges. Mustafa Saeed for The New York Times
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